About Suntecly

Hello bestie,

We are a small team dedicated to providing good products and services to everyone.
Our small store originated from the Jojo of our team, that is me, I am a fan of stickers. I often use stickers to decorate water glasses, tablets, desks, etc. I think I am very happy with the decoration, and I also like the process.

One day, when I was looking at my phone case, I suddenly felt that I could put my favorite stickers on the phone case, so this idea was born!

I made several phone cases with stickers and gave them to my friends, they all thought it was very special and liked it very much. So I want more people who like stickers like me to get their own sticker phone case! So this store was born!!
We have 3 members in this store who are responsible for different things. We try our best to do better and satisfy everyone. If you have any suggestions, you can also communicate with us directly. Our contact information is support@suntecly.com.